Difference between Angular.js and Node.js


Angular is an open source JavaScript framework developed initially by Google that supercharges HTML with additional tags to create powerful single page applications. As stated in the official web page it is:
HTML enhanced for web apps!

More technically, it is a flavor of an MVC framework useful when designing front-end web applications (and even hybrid mobile applications if you use in conjunction with the ionic framework).


On the other hand, node is a platform built on top of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine (what powers chrome for instance). It was designed to build scalable network applications with high emphasize on speed and data-intensive usage. As stated in the nodejs website:

Node.js® is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications

Since then inception of the project in 2009, node gained large adoption for building the server side of many web applications. It is also used for managing JavaScript packages using the npm tool (a package manager for node modules).

So when we develop any web applications what we need?
answer is mainly 3 things.

First is front end second is server and third is database.
Whatever you see in the computer screen while using any web app is front end for example facebook page, google search results, flipkart shoping page etc. In old days pages were deained by html, then came java script and css. Javascript helped a lot to add behaviour on the page like adding popup, adding animations, validating input datas in the client side. By the time some libraries were developed. The most famous was jquery. Developers found jquery can do lot of work in less line of code then javascript. Because jquery is developed over the javascript. Now the angularjs is also a javascript framework which is very famous now a days to do frontend task. Its by angular you can fo a lot of work in less code and time. Like data binding, validation etc. So its a frontend development tool for web developers.

Now the second part is server. By server means the system doing your a lot of task and located in simewhere else in any corner of the world. What are the tasks which you work on the server side? Answer is fetching data from database, processing them to required output and sending the processed data to the client side. Which is the end user. Node.js is the server side scripting language. Whatever you do on the server side you can do this it in node.js. like php is another server side language. You can write client side program with these languages. When you send data to client side after processing them. It is the the task of client side language to handle them and showing them to user. And that is what angular does.



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