Our Clients



Siddharth Runwal -Provilac

I am extremely satisfied and will appreciate the efforts taken by Vishwakarma Technologies for my development project. The execution was absolutely seamless and hassles free. The android and iOS app developed by the team is extremely user friendly and that's one factor that has caught our audiences attention. I wish all the success to Vishwakarma team.


Ahmed Farah -Tenride

Vishwakarma Technologies has worked on our iOS, android and web application. The outcome has been the best of what we had planned. Extremely smooth functioning apps and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. We wish a good luck to the Vishwakarma team for their journey ahead.


Azan Tengku -flight tracker

This iOS and Android Application has been extremely helpful for the ones who have downloaded it. The team has worked on the minute details and worked efficiently on our requirements. Wishing all the good luck to Vishwakarma team.


Todd Abraham, -Coppola

We are happy that we hired best team of developers for our project. The mobile and web application is designed and developed to the best of our expectations.


Rishi Gupta, -Minematic

Apart from a web application, we were also in requirement of hiring a separate (Virtual team) for our app. Thanks to Vishwakarma Technologies who hired the best virtual resources who were dedicated for our project and also developing the app that we see today. It was a pleasure working with the Vishwakarma team.


Kamal Agarwal -Travel ERP

Vishwakarma Technologies has developed this ERP which is extremely easy to use. They have kept in mind the slightest requirement and designed the ERP accordingly. This has made our job hassles free.