Apps To Augment Business

Businesses which deal with handling of products which have shorter shelf life have a tough time streamlining  their operations. Most companies are using softwares which are not flexible enough to suit their business needs and some companies still rely on MS-Excel. This leads to lesser flexibility to change business strategy according to demands, which causes poor customer satisfaction and ultimately results in less business. Unfortunately for some businesses it has catastrophically affected their brand value in the past.

The customers of business were not able to place order at desired time. The customer was not having a clear idea of pricing of products in his mind. After the delivery of order ,the customer was informed about the price charged and quantity delivered. Cancelling the order was an uphill task. You have to make calls to customer care centers. The executives used to note down  cancellation request, often it lead to errors. There were several issues in payment of orders. Deliveries  were not made on intended time due to inappropriate or lack of route allocation to delivery boys. Businesses use to incur huge losses because they had no idea of managing customers which are distributed across the length and breadth of the city which have unusual topography and traffic. They didn’t have an idea regarding the volume of products and time required to deliver the same  door to door to the customers.

Launching an has diminished number of hurdles businesses use to come across day to day during execution of business processes. The most crucial issue evaded by using an App is route management. The deliveries of product are made across plethora of locations which are diverse in terms of population, topography and traffic. For efficient delivery of products, the routes for delivery boys should be appropriate. With appropriate routes in place the business operations are easily optimized. The cost of delivery is conveniently curtailed. Since all the orders are received through app, they are accurate on the quantity and delivery address of order so Businesses have accurate data to plan delivery .Plus the human error is also avoided since all the details are submitted through apps and not by calls to customer care. Businesses can promote their products through Apps using timely notifications and messages regarding offers. They can reward their customers with loyalty points by asking customers to share their app with friends and family. Chances of customer escalation are also low ,but if there are any, can be handled with much less human interaction with customers. Products which have lower shelf life like milk often have a low margin. Using apps the profit margins have raised drastically due to optimized business processes. Delivery of finished product is directly made from producer to customer by avoiding retailers or any other third party involvement. The most important feature of mobile app is that, you can customize apps according to customer needs. If a customer needs the product repetitively for a time period, you can easily suggest user to subscribe for the product. Subscriptions and Membership can be created using advanced calendar mapping thus avoiding all the confusion and ambiguity.

Apps are extremely customer friendly. Customer can place their order from anywhere whether you are travelling back to home from office via bus or you are out with your colleagues for coffee The point of delivery is also of customer ‘s choice. Prices of item are clearly displayed. Before placing an order all the charges and quantity is shown to user on screen. Customers are made aware about what they have ordered and how much they have been charged. Payment of the order is made online. Due to this major issue of cash handling is averted. Live order tracking is possible on Apps. Orders and subscriptions schedule can be managed with advanced calendar mapping. Once the order is placed and if customer wishes to cancel the order the whole process is made hassle free. On one click order can be cancelled no more call to customer care and no more confusion. Deliveries are made precisely on intended time.

In recent past we had a Client who was into producing and delivering milk door to door to customers. Customers use to call customer care to place their orders .Due to excellent quality of milk the demand increased. Client who was serving a particular area of city was now providing milk to customers located across length and breadth of the city. The business started facing severe issues in delivery, cash collection and communication gap between customers and customer care. Managing the huge number of customers was becoming cumbersome. The client asked us to fix issues related to business. First thing we did was to take all the order details through app from the customer directly. We made a different app for Delivery boys to serve the customer better. Once we had the location and amount of milk required to customer. We distributed customer across routes. These routes were assigned to delivery boys. All the payments were made online for which provision was made in App .After implementing this solution all the three major issues were tackled. The solution helped our client to serve customers better and have a steady growth in his business.

We have an excellent opportunity to transform lives of people in ways that was hard to imagine a couple of decades ago. The use of app has proved to be most valuable, affordable and accessible to public. Start having an app for business to give it a required push up.



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